ESDAL2 is a free service provided by Highways England for anyone needing to make abnormal load movements and notifications. To apply for an account, you will need to fill out the following form at the following link

On filling out this form and after clicking the Submit Application button, within a day or two, the ESDAL2 Helpdesk will be in touch to verify your contact details, whereupon you will be emailed your log in details – username and password. 

Individual accounts are associated with the organisation you work for; this means that multiple users for a single organisation can see every notification made and use any routes saved in the Library or vehicles added to the Fleet. 

Each user has their own login and contact details associated with them and it is these details that appear on the notification. If it is preferred, an organisation can be divided by depot. This in effect makes each depot a separate organisation and keeps private all details, rather than sharing all the notifications and movements.

Download The ESDAL2 Haulier User Guide

It should be noted that Highways England was replaced by National Highways. Unfortunately, you will not find any information relating to Esdal on the National Highways website.